Printing can be broadly split into two categories, lithographic and digital. Lithographic, or litho printing, uses wet ink that is transferred from a metal plate onto paper via a rubber blanket. Digital print generally uses a dry toner heated and applied to the paper surface.

Litho Printing


Litho printing is the traditional way of printing and is better suited to higher volume print runs. Litho printing is very flexible, and this means we can print on virtually any type of paper, card, label or envelope.

As part of our Lithographic printing service, we can print in CMYK, spot colour’s & metallic. For spot colours, we use the Pantone Matching System® that allows our clients to choose any single or a combination of colours from over a 1,000 different shades. We use the Pantone system to exactly match any colour you like, especially if you have a sample. We can then print your corporate colours with consistent results on all projects, time after time.

A Litho printing press runs up to 10x the speed of a digital press, so they are very economic for larger volumes. All of our printing presses are Heidelberg GTO machines, which are recognised in the industry as the best. They are run by our highly experienced print minders, who have an eye for detail and can produce high quality print work, day in day out.

Digital Printing

The technology of digital printing has improved immensely over the last few years and has now become the standard option for smaller volumes of full colour work. Digital print is ideal for items such as business cards, flyers and posters, where the punchiness and depth of the colour can be a real bonus. Due to the quick setup times, setup costs are minimal making digital print perfect for small volumes of print and most jobs can be ready at short notice.

Our digital printing machines can handle most weights of paper and card, including uncoated, gloss, silk and labels, for digital printing service that include business cards, booklets, leaflets, posters. In fact, it is suitable for most printed stationery.


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