An order of service for a funeral should be a lot more than just a programme of events. An order of service should be a souvenir of the celebration of a loved ones life to be kept for years to come.

We have three main materials we print these on. All of these consist of a heavy weight cover and thicker than normal material for the pages. All are creased, collated, folded and wire stitched into booklets, the 4pp format is folded only on the heavy cover stock.

White Smooth: 250gsm Cover with 160gsm Pages
White Matt Coated:  250gsm Cover with 170gsm Pages
Cream uncoated:  240gsm Cover with 160gsm Pages

We have many other materials available and can supply samples and quotations on request, please ask.

We can also design the order of service if required. Please enquire for design costs or if you have any questions on how to design your own, we will be happy to assist.

When designing your artwork please allow for page creep when the booklets are folded, we would advise keeping all text at 5mm to 10mm from the page edge. If you want pictures to print right up to the page edge please ensure they bleed off by 3mm. If you have any questions on this, please ask and we will be happy to advise.

We would normally expect to have these completed 1 to 3 days from final approval but we will always take into account your personal requirements.

Order of Service